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An internship at Playwrights Realm provides aspiring arts administrators with the opportunity to dive into New York’s Off-Broadway and new play community, bridging the gap between their education and professional careers by becoming an integral part of the Realm’s dedicated team. 

Our Fall intern will have the opportunity to work closely with us on the world premiere of Jonathan Payne’s The Revolving Cycles Truly and Steadily Roll’d: Karma's foster brother, Terrell, has gone missing, and she's trying to find him amidst the inner-city chaos that is The Oblong – but his teacher can't remember his name, his foster mom is still cashing his reimbursement checks, and his ex is glad he's gone. Where's the police, where are the reporters? Karma seems to be the only one who cares, but the more she looks, the more she realizes that in The Oblong, caring only means trouble. Princess Grace Award-winning playwright Jonathan Payne makes his professional debut with this devastating story based on his experience as a social worker, under the insightful direction of Awoye Timpo (The Homecoming Queen).

The fall intern will work primarily with our Marketing Department (about 70% of their time) and will have a chance to assist with social media research, creation, and posting, archiving Realm press, assisting with gathering and analyzing audience/attendance data, distribution of marketing assets, among other things. The rest of their time will be divided among the other departments and could include working with Development, General Management, and Artistic.

The Playwrights Realm is committed to anti-racist ideals, equity, and inclusion

 The Realm staff works to embody the values of anti-racism, and the intern will contribute to this goal by working to set up a safe space for artists and coworkers while still providing the room to challenge paradigms and have difficult conversations when needed.

We want our interns to leave us with a better understanding of their own professional goals as well as a new set of tangible skills that will help them advance their careers in arts administration. Use the links below to read first-hand accounts from some of our previous interns:

Erin Noll – Spring 2018
Taylor Beidler – Fall 2017
Miranda Gohh – Summer 2017
Quenell Redden – Summer 2017