Join The Realm!

Income from ticket sales only covers a small part of our operating expenses, and it is help from friends like you that makes our support of playwrights’ adventurous new work possible. Please consider a contribution in any amount to help make The Realm’s work possible, and look below for the benefits that you'll receive when you join The Realm Family. Thank you!


OR: CALL 212-255-3089 to make a credit card donation by phone, 
OR: MAIL a check to Playwrights Realm, 520 Eighth Avenue, Suite 320, New York, NY 10018.


A gift of this size supplies paper for our Writing Fellows’ scripts, a few hours of rehearsal space, or keeps us in pens for the year. Now that’s helping writers write, literally! Join The Realm family and you’ll get:

- Recognition on our website and in our programs 
- Enlightening newsletters from Artistic Director Katherine Kovner with theater recommendations and the inside scoop on our programs


This can cover super necessary stuff like an intern stipend (interns do A LOT around here), theater tickets for our Page One Playwright (they have to see what else is out there!), part of a designer fee (gotta have sets!), or lots of other cool stuff! You’ll receive everything above and…

- Pre-sale ticket access, so you can get your tickets to our shows first!
- Postcard from a playwright on their Realm retreat
- An invitation to a VIP cocktail party at our Page One and Alumni Productions, with the chance to mingle with the artists and playwrights!


You know what’s awesome? Designers for our INK’D Festival, professional development resources for our Page One Playwright for a whole year – things like that are awesome. And gifts at this level make it possible! You’ll receive everything above and…

- Access to house seats for our Page One and Alumni Productions
- Reserved seating at our INK’D Readings and Next Edition Festival
- A report card about our Writing Fellows. Get a look into how their fellowships are progressing and the cool works they have coming up!


Playwrights need a place to write, actors for their readings and shows, venues for their public readings, and obviously a lot more. A gift of this size takes care of stuff like a month of rent for our new offices, including our Page One Playwright’s desk, a venue rental for one of our Festivals, or one actor in a Page One production. Pretty good stuff, huh? You’ll receive everything above and…

- Two house seats for our Page One and Alumni Productions
- Access to additional house seats for your friends
- A unique "mash note" from our Page One Playwright especially for you! 
- A backstage tour of our Page One Production for you and three friends


A Page One Residency stipend? Our Writing Fellows stipends? The Next Stage Production Fund enhancement? You did it. You did that! Or loads of other stuff! You’ll receive everything above and…

- Two additional house seats to our Page One and Alumni Productions
- A copy of your favorite Realm script personally signed by the playwright for you or a loved one
- Experience the magic of theatre with a sneak peek into tech! Watch all the elements of a show come together as the director works with the design team to incorporate sound, sets, costumes, and lighting into the show.
- A private dinner for you and a guest with Artistic Director Katherine Kovner and our Page One Playwright


This just about covers our entire Page One Residency or health insurance for our entire staff. Lots of scripts get readings, lots of artists get paid, lots of exciting things happen! You’ll receive everything above and…

-Find your playwright soulmate! We will help you find your playwright soul mate from among the many budding geniuses at The Realm, and then give you the insider access every soulmate deserves. Here are some events your soulmate could give you exclusive access to:

  • Your playwright's internal readings
  • VIP treatment at a Realm festival they're working on
  • First rehearsals for public presentations
  • Invitations to their opening nights and special events
  • PLUS the chance to meet with your playwright one-on-one for coffee or drinks to catch up throughout the year!

Talk to us about what inspires you in a playwright, and let us do the rest!


Want to change the game for the Realm? This would do it. You’ll fund just about our entire Writing Fellows Residency or Alumni Playwrights Program and make a huge impact on the life and career of an emerging playwright. You’ll receive everything above and…

Frankly? Pretty much anything you want. We’ll work with you as we work with our playwrights to tailor your benefits to your interests and passions. Here are a few possibilities:

o       Sponsor a Writing Fellow! Get lunch with your Fellow, invites to that Fellow’s internal reading, and VIP treatment at his or her INK’D reading, plus special thanks in the program and on our website. 
o       Sponsor our New Play Development Pipeline! We’ll be doing 11 internal readings this year. You’ll receive invitations to all of them, plus lunch with your favorite Alumni Playwright, and special recognition in our Page One program and on the website as the force behind the development necessary for getting our plays from the page to the stage!