So, you have questions about Playwrights Realm? Well, we’ve got answers… to some of the more popular questions anyway.

You: Are you a professional theater? 
Us: Why yes, we are a professional Off-Broadway theater company. To get all producer geek on you, we produce on a legit Equity Off-Broadway-A contract.

You: Would you say you are “Too Legit 2 Quit”?
Us: No. We can't think of any scenario where we'd use those words. But we like the sentiment!

You: Where do you perform?
Us: We aren’t affiliated with any particular venue, so you can find Playwrights Realm events all over the city.

You: But I thought you said you were an Off-Broadway theater?
Us: Theater company. We’re a group of artists, not a building.

You: Would you like to be a building someday?
Us: We’re pretty happy as humans for now.

You: How many shows do you do a year?
Us: We used to do only one full-scale production per year, but our 2014-15 season will have TWO of those! We also produce several readings, workshops and other events.

You: How do you choose your plays?
Us: Dartboard. 

You: (Gasp) What?!
Us: Kidding! There’s no real formula to it—no checklist we’re going through as we read. It’s about whether the writing is strong, whether it has something to say or a new question to ask. But also, whether it could really become something great with our help.

You: Do you ever do musicals?
Us: Well, we haven’t done a production yet, though we have done a few readings of musicals.

You: That doesn’t really answer the question, now does it?
Us: We do the best-written projects available. We look for scripts that have a greatness that springs from the core of its text. That goes for musicals too.

You: Do you have a strong position on jazz hands?
Us: Everyone in our office is doing jazz hands right now.

You: What about one-person shows?
Us: One-person shows tend not to be our thing, generally speaking. That said, we gravitate toward plays of all kinds with great narratives and a compelling dramatic arc.

You: Hmm, I’m sensing a theme here. So dramatic action’s your thing huh?
Us: What can we say; we’re suckers for a good catharsis.

You: So how are you funded?
Us: We are a non-profit theater company, which means that our income comes largely from donations—individuals, grants, businesses, et cetera. Because we’re not trying to make a fast buck, our playwrights have more creative freedom.

You: That sounds great!
Us: Awesome. Wanna make a donation?
You: Oh, who? Me? Uh… I don’t…
Us: It’s tax-deductible!
You: Yeah, but I’ve…
Us: Do you support the arts?
You: Of course but…
Us: Do you support playwrights?
You: Yes, certainly…
Us: Then, you should really consider visiting our donation page and making a contribution.

Got another question? Dear Abby is lame. Ask us: info@playwrightsrealm.org.