The Scratchpad Series, our newest program, jumpstarts The Realm’s relationship with early-career playwrights. Scratchpad participants will spend a week in New York City for a developmental reading of their play with top-notch professional collaborators—director, cast, and The Realm’s artistic staff. If the playwright is based outside of New York, The Realm will facilitate travel and housing.

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(Applications for 2017-18 now closed)
The Writing Fellowship is at the heart of what we do: helping writers write. Four early-career playwrights receive nine months of resources, readings and feedback designed to help them reach their professional and artistic goals. The culminating event of the program is our INK’D Festival, which features public readings of each Fellows’ play.

Find out more about the Writing Fellowship!
(Applications for 2017-18 now closed.)


Can I apply to both the Writing Fellowship and the Scratchpad Series?
Yes, you may apply to both programs with the same play. If you are planning to apply to the Writing Fellowship, simply check the box on your application form indicating you’d like your application to also be considered for Scratchpad.

May I apply to the two programs with different plays?
No. While you may apply to more than one program, we accept only one play per applicant, per season.

How do I decide which program to apply for?
Well, you don’t HAVE to choose—you can apply to both!—but here’s some comparison to help you understand the differences.
  • Writing Fellow participants should: 1) Live within commuting distance to Midtown Manhattan, and be able to make it to regular evening writers meetings, rehearsals, and events, 2) Have a script that would benefit from a nine-month, intensive development process and 3) Be looking for a community of writers with whom to share work.
  • Scratchpad Series participants should: 1) Have a script that would benefit from dramaturgical conversation with The Realm and a week-long reading in NYC—Plays can be anything from a rough first draft to a play that is close to production-ready, 2) Be interested in getting to know The Realm through a collaborative working process.

    Does whether or not I have an agent affect my eligibility for The Realm’s programs?
    No. We will read any script, regardless of your representation status.

    Are there any limitations on the type of work I can apply with?
    At this time we don’t consider one person shows. We don’t consider musicals for the Writing Fellowship because this program focuses so heavily on script work but writers can apply with musicals to the Scratchpad Series, as long as at least half of the members of the team—lyricist, bookwriter and/or composer–identify as early-career.

    Is there an age limit for The Playwrights Realm’s programs?
    No, there is no age limit to apply to any of our programs. The only limitation is that applicants must be early-career playwrights. If you consider yourself early-career we welcome you to apply.

    How does The Playwrights Realm define “early-career”?
    If you would consider yourself early-career we encourage you to apply. We make our assessments about “early-career” status on a case-by-case basis but one benchmark we often look to is if a playwright has had a major New York Production.

    What kind of resume should I submit with my application?
    Your resume should list the plays you have written and any readings, workshops and productions they have received. Your resume should also include any other relevant theater experience. We would be glad to see a resume detailing your education or other work experience, though this is not required.

    Will you let me know that you received my emailed application?
    You should receive an auto-response confirming that your application has been received.

    If I have had some contact with a Playwrights Realm staff member, would it be better to contact them directly with application questions?
    No. Please direct any questions only to or However, feel free to mention any contact with Realm staff in your email.