Selected Praise for City of

"Brackett is an excellent collaborator; he has chosen designers who capture the twilight state of dreaming in stunning ways...The acting is just as strong."
- Theatermania  

"A heady concoction of stories... Brackett's simultaneously fluid and stylized staging makes the experience of watching them unfold feel like a briskly surreal dream." 
- American Theater Web  

"It's pleasing to meet a playwright with so many ideas"
- The New York Times  

"palpable passion...highly watchable"
- Talkin' Broadway

Selected Praise for My Mañana Comes

NOMINEE - 2015 2 Lucille Lortel Awards including Outstanding Play
NOMINEE - 2015 2 Drama Desk Awards including Best Play
NOMINEE -2015  2 Outer Critics Circle Awards including the John Gassner Award for New American Play

"...a character study with a political edge — honed nearly as sharp as the men's paring knives."
- The New York Times

"Irwin writes fast, funny, lived-in dialogue"
- Time Out New York

"By turns humorous and haunting... Director Chay Yew guides four terrific performances."
- New York Daily News

"Irwin takes a boning knife to the stereotyped class of Mexican busboys... a surprisingly complex taste of the American Dream."
- Theatermania

"Elizabeth Irwin's fast-paced, funny, and bittersweet drama goes off without a hitch."
- The New Yorker

Selected Praise for The Hatmaker's Wife

"feels like pure levitation"
- New York Times

"Yee's characters and story lines jump back and forth not only between the realistic and the fantastical but also between gut-laughter funny and hit-you-in-the-gut sad — and they do so with astounding truthfulness."
- Theatermania

"There is much to enjoy in the circuitous daring of The Hatmaker’s Wife..."
- Time Out New York

Selected Praise for Red-Handed Otter

"The Obie-winning playwright Ethan Lipton clearly understands the dark side of warm and fuzzy, masterfully and humorously using bizarre pet stories to get to the hear tof his characters' emotional obliviousness." -- The New Yorker "Companion piece you otter see! Ethan Lipton’s droll, dryly unsentimental comedy...swiftly directed by Mike Donahue…earns three out of four stars!"
- New York Post

"If your favorite time killers include overindulging in cute kitty videos on the Web — you know who you are, and you are legion — you will surely lend a sympathetic ear to the befuddled and bereaved hero of 'Red-Handed Otter,'…[Mr.Lipton] has a keen sympathy for the little guy, his diurnal woes and modest pleasures…'Red-Handed Otter' has the feel of a slightly self-consciously quirky indie film."
- New York Times

"The Obie-winning playwright Ethan Lipton clearly understands the dark side of warm and fuzzy, masterfully and humorously using bizarre pet stories to get to the heart of his characters' emotional obliviousness." 
- The New Yorker

Selected Praise for Crane Story

Crane Story is consistently gorgeous…told through shape-shifting actors (with clever costuming by Moria Clinton), and sometimes through puppets (the mesmerizing and seemingly sentient Bunraku-style creations of Puppet Kitchen). But most memorably, Crane Story, is told through sound…Ms. Silverman’s script percolates with interesting and often daring ideas…pure aesthetic gratification."
- New York Times

"In the atmospheric world of Jen Silverman’s Crane Story, we watch her deeply drawn characters wander through the wet streets of Japan…in the beautifully lyrical staging by Katherine Kovner, they are presented with fascinating theatrically…what pushes Silverman’s play forward is how each of the characters are aware of how fragmented they are."
- New York Theater Review

"The Production contains lyrical passages and striking images that captivate… Silverman's imaginative script is suffused with both beauty and sadness."

Selected Praise for Dramatis Personae

“In the exceptional new play Dramatis Personae, playwright Gonzalo Rodriguez Risco does a brilliant job... at once whimsical and expertly thought out. Strongest recommendation to catch this one while it lasts.“

“This is theatre with a distinct voice. …reminiscent of Pablo Neruda, or Isabelle Allende, or Gabriel García Márquez. The surreal is as close as the fabric of your shirt.”
- New York Theatre Guide 

“This is a play created by a writer's writer for fellow writers as well as for anyone who appreciates layered, darkly funny, well-produced theater.”

Selected Praise for dreams of the washer king 

“Critic’s Pick!...a beautifully crafted exploration of time and memory that will be haunting you for quite some time.”

“Much to admire in Wall’s writing and the work of a talented cast… Wall has a particular gift for line-writing… and his actors do a smashing job of making those lines come alive.”
- Theatermania

“I can’t imagine a finer production… the acting is of the highest order, it simply couldn’t be better.”
- Let’s Talk Off-Broadway

Selected Praise for Dov and Ali

“…a flawless play... In a time of ceaseless snark and cynicism, its earnestness is asking bigger questions can be downright refreshing.“
- New York Times

"Anna Ziegler's beguiling script crackles with nuance and wit."

"Miss Ziegler is blessed in having her script given a simple yet handsomely realized production by a director (Katherine Kovner) with a solid grip on the mood and flow of the story, and four actors sensitive to the nuances of the individual and group dynamics."
- Curtain Up

Selected Praise for Substitution

“Ms. Maxwell’s compelling, unsentimental performance is the centerpiece of Anton Dudley’s “Substitution,” but its strength is matched by Kieran Campion’s portrayal of Paul, a young substitute teacher who knew the mother’s son, Calvin…Who is substituting for whom in this dance of grief becomes the play’s passionate question.” 

- New York Times

“…Playwrights Realm, a new company, has given Substitution a handsome production…”
- Curtain Up 

"lightly humorous while never forgetting the weight of the subject matter" 
- Theatermania