Here at The Realm, we've got four main programs to serve our writers: The Writing Fellows Residency, our Page One Residency and Production, the Alumni Playwrights Group, and The New Play Development Pipeline. Each is designed to serve a variety of playwrights' artistic and professional needs, and in each instance, we tailor the activities to the needs of each individual writer. 

Writing Fellows Residency

The Writing Fellows Program is at the heart of what the Realm does—helping writers be writers. Each year, four early-career playwrights receive nine months of resources, workshops and feedback designed to help them reach their professional and artistic goals. Over the course of the season, Fellows develop a single new play. Monthly group meetings provide a collaborative, energizing setting for writers to share and refine their work; individual meetings with The Playwrights Realm’s artistic director and staff support each writer’s specific artistic process; and work with a director and cast during two workshops allow writers to see their work come to life. Professional development resources are also an integral part of the program and are tailored to the Writing Fellows, providing them the information and experiences they decide are most helpful. Mentor-opportunities, meet-and-greets and professional workshops are designed to shed light on the sometimes-shadowy business of theater and empower the Fellows to be active, informed participants in their own writing careers. The Writing Fellow’s season culminates in a public reading of his or her fellowship as part of our INK’D Reading Festival.

Page One

At Playwrights Realm we don’t just develop new plays, we develop new playwrights. The Page One Program is one part “crash pad” and one part launchpad: we provide a deep well of artistic and professional resources, giving them both an artistic home and the wings they need to fly.

Each year, one playwright is chosen for our Page One Residency. Over the course of that year, he or she is provided with a sweep of services – a toolkit to launch their career. The approach is holistic and designed to allow a playwright both the physical and mental time, space, and resources to take a meaningful step forward in their career. Of course, there is nothing more valuable to a playwright than being produced. So, our services are cornerstoned by the Page One Production - a full Off-Broadway production that showcases the work of our Page One Playwright.

Alumni Playwrights Group

The Realm is in it for the long haul, which is why our support doesn’t end when the curtain comes down on our Page One Production. After a Playwrights Realm premiere, the Page One Playwright joins our Alumni Playwrights Group. The group meets monthly to develop their latest work and participates in public readings in The Next Edition Festival to drive their careers and craft forward.

Alumni Production

Beginning in the 2014-15 season, The Realm doubled down on our commitment to playwrights with the addition of the Alumni Production. The Alumni Production is dedicated to mounting new works by our growing contingent of Alumni Playwrights.