2019 INK'D Festival of New Plays

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Our Writing Fellowship brings together four early-career playwrights and provides them with the creative and professional development resources for developing a script and building a career. The program culminates with the INK'D Festival: highly-produced staged readings of each of the Writing Fellows' plays. They work with designers for months leading up to the presentations, and elements of these designs are realized on stage.

April 15th – April 18th
The Loft at Theater 511
511 West 54th Street

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Keelay Gipson's #NewSlaves
Monday, April 15th at 3pm & 8pm
Directed by Whitney White

An epic fantasia on the criminalization and commodification of the Black Body in America. #NewSlaves follows the stories of three black men, exploring the historical and cultural patterns of entrapment from slavery, to the prison system, to the multi-billion dollar industry of the NFL. 


Bleu Beckford-Burrell's
Lyons Pride

Tuesday, April 16th at 3pm & 7pm
Directed by Estefanía Fadul

The Lyons household may be struggling to stay afloat, but one thing it doesn't lack is pride. A family play about love, identity and overcoming life challenges, Lyons Pride tells the story not only of what it means to be Jamaican and proud, but also the universal struggles shared by all families, immigrant or native, in America.

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Sarah Einspanier's

Wednesday, April 17th at 3pm & 7pm
Directed by Jenny Koons

Jay is “living the dream” competing for love on national television, while back home, Rachel keeps forgetting she’s pregnant, and Shelley tries to get her shit together enough to make a casserole. Three to three hundred women strive to find happiness between what they want and what they're told they should want, who they are and who they're told they should be.


Else C. Went's Initiative
Thursday, April 18th
at 3pm (Part I) & 7pm (Part II)
Directed by Emma Went

It's the early 2000s; the internet is still young, the millennium still under warranty, and the new Harry Potter book is coming out soon. Fridays after class, high school students Riley, Clara, Em, Tony and Kendall play D&D fantasy games.  Em sorta likes Clara, Kendall sorta likes Em, Riley likes Em's brother Lo, and Tony just likes 4chan. A mid-term transfer introduces gender-dysphoric Ty into the group and the game, but a small-town tragedy brings the fantasy world, and the real one, to a standstill. 

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Photos from the 2017-18 INK'D Festival