Our Mission

The Playwrights Realm is devoted to supporting early-career playwrights along the journey of playwriting, helping them to hone their craft, fully realize their vision, and build meaningful artistic careers.

While many organizations support new plays, our focus is on supporting new playwrights. The Playwrights Realm is at the forefront of a growing movement to provide comprehensive services for playwrights. Our innovative, hands-on approach helps to make playwriting a viable career, and gives a spotlight to new talents, who otherwise might not be able to sustain themselves or have the time and resources needed for their craft. In addition to advancing our playwrights’ work through dramaturgical and production support, The Realm gladly provides human support so that our artists can have functional, creative lives. We provide health insurance, generous stipends, and extra funds to support activities ranging from trips abroad for research to theater tickets and more. 

What’s more, we believe in keeping tickets affordable in order to make theater accessible to all. We love introducing playwrights to audiences who share our belief in supporting new voices and are as excited by playwright's imaginations as we are.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in playwrights—bringing the freshest, bravest voices to the stage is what keeps theater alive.

  • We believe in supporting them from the early stages of their careers, when they may not have the financial stability or artistic platform they need.

  • We believe in nurturing playwrights’ talents with flexible support service and developmental opportunities.  

  • We believe in artistic innovation—because no one ever created a masterpiece by playing it safe. We embrace playwrights taking risks and defying convention, we may have failures but we'd rather fail big than be too tame.

  • We believe art is better when everyone can participate.  We craft our open submission policies, hiring practices, and ticket pricing to encourage everyone to participate and attend.  

Our Aesthetic

We love playwrights who dream big, take risks, and embrace theatricality. We value imagination, bravery, and intellectual curiosity—people who dare to ask the big questions, even if they don't know the answer.  Playwrights who have unique points of view, and write inventive challenging material that shows the complexity and subtlety of the world around us.

In concrete terms we’re drawn to plays with powerful evocative language, dynamic uses of design, multifaceted characters, and a strong sense of story.  And of course, plays that are inherently theatrical–that could never be anything other than a play! 

Most importantly, we are looking for playwrights, not plays.  Playwrights are what inspire us and we are not searching for the perfect play to produce, but rather the person who we think needs our support—we are willing to produce the imperfect play by the brilliant playwright in order to help them learn from it so they can see how to write the true masterpiece they are capable of.

As a playwright-centric company hoping to help create the next generation of successful playwrights, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that the playwrights and the stories we support fully reflect the diversity of the society we live in. As such, we want to encourage writers and stories with unique cultural perspectives, experiences and backgrounds.