Here at The Realm, we've got four main programs to serve our writers: The Writing Fellowship, our Scratchpad Series, our Page One Residency, and the Alumni Program. Each is designed to serve a variety of playwrights' artistic and professional needs, and in each instance, we tailor the activities to the needs of each individual writer. 

Writing Fellowship

The Writing Fellowship is a nine-month residency that builds a professional bridge for early-career playwrights, giving them what they really need to write—a little time, money, and the occasional hug. The residency culminates in INK’D, a festival which showcases readings of the plays developed during the Fellowship.

Scratchpad Series

Our newest series aims to erase limitations of geography or economics and identify early career playwrights from every corner of the nation. We bring Scratchpad playwrights to New York City for a week-long developmental workshop with top-notch professional collaborators–director, cast, and The Realm’s artistic staff. Scratchpad is a perfect place for playwrights to dive into a rough draft or fine tune a specific aspect of a script they're developing, all while beginning a collaborative relationship with The Realm.

Page One Residency

When something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. We focus our resources on one artist each year, offering our playwright a suite of services geared towards launching his or her career. Beyond producing their Page One Production, a full-scale Off-Broadway show, the yearlong Page One Residency also includes health insurance, office space, readings of new plays, travel funding, coverage of theater tickets and continued artistic guidance.

Alumni Playwrights Program

We love great playwrights – when we find them we like to keep them around. After their production, our Page One Playwrights graduate to our Alumni Program where they participate in a writers group, receive further professional development support, participate in our Next Edition Series of readings and have an opportunity to be produced again in an Alumni Production.